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Arisi Partners

Arisi Partners

About Us

We are an Entertainment consulting firm with entities and offices in US, Hong Kong and Korea. With backgrounds both in TV/Film/Gaming productions AND in Finance, we are uniquely positioned to extract alpha from the convergence of finance, multimedia, technology, regional content and distribution. We gain multivariate insight on the entire Entertainment space by being involved in projects across the globe via financing, productions, talent agency, etc.

Why Entertainment?

The entertainment space is constantly evolving with limited competitive pressures. As long as people have had discretionary time and money, the business of entertainment has thrived, and as personal incomes grow in both the developed and developing world, so does entertainment. Revenue trends in certain core segments, including broadcast television, media networks and radio, tend to vary with consumers and advertisers' preferences towards new forms of media brought on by technology. Overall though, technology doesn't displace entertainment – it merely shifts demand to other media, companies and projects. In addition, the entertainment industry has proven to be quite resilient even in times of tough economic conditions.